It takes a lot of work, determination, consistency, and above all, efficiency, productivity, and creativity of a team on the whole to make a thought a happening. And one thing can never be forgotten that the leadership is about stepping on the ladder of success but management is about checking whether the ladder is being supported by the right wall or not. Sikh team with a motive of serving the poor and needy sikh families is aheading towards a noble cause. It feels as if the nature has handed us the divine challenge which we are confident to win. But we don't stop here. We are continuously posting content about donations for education of sikh students, medical aid to the poor sikh families, helping needy sikh families to overcome the financial stresses but what about the people who are financially good but their problems are of course unlike the poor. Hence we are going to dedicate all our worth to strengthen sikh leadership and assisting the community members and definitely negotiating with the sikhs to know the problems the community is challenging in this era. And would surely architect strategies which will deal with them. But for this we humbly ask for the donations for this noble cause. And your help can really serve as ATPs for our team. We are together in this and we can't attain motive of representing our community at international levels and moreover glorifying the talent in sikh students that has the tendency to spark in the dark alone. 'cause a leadership and management is a team effort and not of an individual alone. And everyone deserves a fair chance of showing their skills and potentials. It will be really great if you support us and we will try our best to mend the current strategies of leaderships. With time things start changing and ideologies as well. We are also aware of the situation of the community caused by westernization. But we often replace the word modernisation with westernization out of ignorance. The examples themselves depict the unfairness we are doing with our own culture- like prioritizing english or other languages over punjabi, diverting from the path of sikhism. We strongly think that all this is due to improper strategies and preaching methods. A change is the necessity of the hour. We can never be able to teach the kids to get united with the teaching of sikhism until we change our ways. We would like to put light on this fact that the kids are of the modern society and to make them understand the teachings of gurbani from their childhood we'll have to adopt modernized strategies. Because there is no need of staying blind all the life when you have modern therapies and surgeries of modern world. Creative sessions are needed to be organized to know about the likings and dislikings of this generation and thereby finding new ways to deal with them. Moreover we will stretch our muscles to the fullest to deal with this and upcoming generations in order to get them closer to sikhism by adopting some creative strategies which will the catch their attraction.