You might be familiar with the most popular fact of this decade-"Money can't buy you happiness". But just keep the doors and windows of your head open to understand a plain tiny fact that is your happiness lies in the things of your daily needs and to buy those stuffs you need money. We have been learning the three sublime principles of Guru Nanak dev ji from our early childhood stages-"Kirat Karna, Naam Japna, Vand Shakana" which imply-"Work Hard, Meditate on God's name, and share what you have" . But in real lives we often forget these principles where these principles were meant to fit in. SikhTeam thinks that financial assistance is the one that is supreme in itself. The reason behind the fact that we mentioned that finances impact all other circles of life- Educational, Medical, Social etc. So kindly lend a helping hand to eliminate sorrows of those sikh families who are going through financial burdens. So, donate with your hearts open because nobody has ever got poor after donating.