In today's highly advanced society, countless sikh families are drowning in the ocean of financial crisis. But what will happen if this financial crisis will head towards medical crisis? The answer to this question is given by this pandamic which linked two separate terms-"Poverty and health". A lot of Sikh families are seen rendered hopeless in this breakdown where they have seen the members suffocating to ultimate death due to lack of proper resources and information. To our great surprise, there have been people who despite of being financially good, couldn't manage with the health aid provided to them only because of lack of appropriate health promoting practices or adequate information. If this supreme nature has made us luckier enough to understand what an appropriate health infrastructure is or how important it is to have access to proper information regarding medical assistance, it becomes our moral responsibility to not just provide proper resources but also proper knowledge about the utilization of those resources to our community members. And in this manner we can preserve the smiles of the sikh families because each and every life matters.