Sikh Community

To upgrade the Sikh Community in Every Field like Education, Skills, Financial, Social & Political.

Voice of Sikhism

Raise the Voice of Sikhism. Develop leadership in Sikhism by Progressive Method. Raise the Voice of Every Sikh.

Member of Sikh Team

Become the Member of Sikh Team and your Small Contribution( Daswand) is important to help the poor Sikhs and upgrade the sikh Community.

Welcome to our Sikh Team

The Sikh Team Is A Non- Profit Organization to Promote And Protect The Interest Of Sikhs & work for the welfare of Only Sikh Community in Social, Economic and Political Field. Sikh Team Has only one motive to Unite All Sikhs in One Platform and build Sikh Leadership in Every Country and work for the development and progress of Sikh Community in every field.


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